Jul 16

24/7/365 Free Proxies Are Back Again

As anyone who frequented the site will have noticed we stopped updating the proxy lists some months ago. This was due to the host of our VPS cutting us off which in effect meant that we lost both our setup and scripting which kept the site updated. Due to being involved in several other projects time was of short supply and as a result we didn’t manage to get the ball rolling again up until today.

The good news is that we are now running our tools off a new dedicated server which has been setup to push through freshly verified proxies hourly. To that end you can once again find free proxies in all of our latest proxy lists. Stability should be good for the long run going forward. As such 24/7/365 Free Proxies Are Back Again.

– Admin

May 17

Wikileaks Needs You!

Wikileaks is under attack by 5 of the worlds biggest financial institutions which have imposed unlawful blockades on the organisation which in recent years has been responsible for more high level disclosures than all of the world’s media outlets combined.

VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Western Union and the Bank of America have almost entirely strangled Wikileaks financially – cutting off 90-95% of their donations, the primary source of income which lets Wikileaks carry out its work.

There are however still ways in which you can donate and help keep alive an organisation which has done more for our collective freedoms than most of our governments ever will. Visit their donation page and site for more: http://shop.wikileaks.org/donate

Apr 30

First Private Proxy Review Added

Those of you visiting us to find up-to-date lists of free, public anonymous proxies will find exactly that. Our lists are updated every hour with fresh elite, anonymous, socks4 and socks5 proxies. However, there are of course drawbacks to public proxies. They are not incredibly reliable, speed and ping vary significantly and there is absolutely no guarantee they’ll stay up for any length of time. For some that is fine, but if you’re looking for a reliable, long-lasting solution then you’re better off choosing a private proxy provider.

To that end we’ve done our first review of a service which we’ve used for almost a year ourselves and which we can highly recommend. We will, over time, be adding a few similar reviews of other services. Next should be a VPN service for torrents. This we will only be able to add once we have done some testing ourselves as we do not plan on recommending a service which we have not used and thoroughly tested ourselves.

Check back once in a while – our reviews may be slow to be released but they will always be based solely on our own experience. Otherwise you’re of course more than welcome to continue to enjoy our lists of free anonymous proxies.


Mar 19


The site was down for some time as we were getting hammered by bots and scrapers which used up large amounts of bandwidth and impacted server performance. As a result we have now made several changes to the site and will be monitoring performance over the next couple of days.

All old proxy posts have been removed – instead new free proxies will only be published on the 3 proxy pages in the slideshow (and as listed in the sidebar). These pages will be updated hourly again +/- 6hrs after this post has been made

Once again, apologies for the downtime – but hopefully we’ve found (or are close to finding) an approach which will allow the site to run flawlessly over the long run.